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Greg Robleto

The meteoric rise and subsequent fall of GameStop dominated the recent news. The narrative being individual investors try to take on Hedge Funds. Which got me wondering, what even is a hedge fund?

I work at a financial media company… but as a web designer. So, I am no more qualified to talk about financial news than this person.

So if you want an in-depth nuanced explanation of what happend with a lot of intimidating financial jargon, I strongly encourage you to read something written by someone more qualified.

But since friends of mine keep asking me about GameStop, and I had been avidly following the story, I wrote up some thoughts and was told they were understandable, so I figured that might be helpful for others, and I am sharing here as…

I bought both of my daughters’ shares of the recently IPO’d Roblox (RBLX) in their UGMA (aka children’s) brokerage accounts. This stock buy was a no-brainer, the one we’ve been waiting for in the Robleto household.

What is Roblox?

If you don’t know what Roblox is, I will guess you don’t have kids in elementary school. Briefly, Roblox is a democratized app-based gaming platform. Think Apple app store or Google Play store, but it’s not an iOS; it’s an app on those platforms that allow you to launch and play games.

And there are lots of games, thousands of games on the Roblox…

Each year I take time on my birthday setting my goals for the coming year. I do one last look back at the goals I set for the previous year, look at what I accomplished, what I missed, and what ended up not mattering. Some of these incomplete goals I will carry over into the new year, some I will disregard as having lost their importance as the year progressed

I have leveraged (or maybe just personalized) the approach to goal setting that I first learned from Chris Guillebeau on his blog The Art of Nonconformity. A great read, I…

Recently I had the opportunity to help build out a stock data table that included a series of both US and International exchanges. That turned out to be a lot more complicated than a US only stock table. Here’s my assembled list of vexing issues when working a feed or series of feeds that is a mixed set of US-based and International data.


The first issue that may come up when working with international data is that you are now beyond just dollars and any formatting of the currency that hard-codes or injects “$” is not just incorrect but is…

Most examples I see of CSSGrid layouts are blocks or cards stacked in different variations. I went looking for a solid example of just thin internal grid lines separating a sequence of elements, and couldn’t find what I wanted to see, so I built it. Just for fun, I populated this sample set with different Jedi and their lightsaber colors. The CodePen can be found here: CSS Grid Lines with Jedi Lightsabers

CSS Grid with Border Lines

The first key piece is setting up a grid container when the view-state is larger than mobile. This is done using the following code on a service-grid wrapper:

Photo by Lee Campbell on Unsplash

I had the opportunity to hear a presentation by Aaron Gustafson at Accessibilty DC running through some very hands-on ways to improve your code to be more suitable to screen-reading. Here’s are five practical takeaways that I am implementing based off the notes I took from that talk.

1. <b> tags for names
I have no use at all of the <b> tag at this point, so repurposing it for adding impact for a name (or in the case of Motley Fool articles, a company name and stock ticker) makes sense as those don’t need the full impact that a <strong>…

Following a day-long workshop with Rachel Andrews at UX Immersion conference, I came away empowered and inspired to try using CSS Grid. I wanted to try a new project built entirely with grid. I choose to redo our family Christmas card insert. Each year my wife Selena lays out an elaborate Christmas card insert to provide update on the family. This is part of the 2017 insert:

The front page of the Robleto family Christmas Card insert

So over two evenings, I applied what I learned from the course and tackled creating this image as a responsive web page that is currently posted at …

Just a few quick words for designers in the class of 2015,

You are entering a tremendous profession. Design is hot. More and more companies are starting to appreciate how a great user experience can be a differentiator for their business. Hopefully if you are becoming a web designer, you learned or will learn to front-end code a bit as well so you can be full-stack or a unicorn or whatever we’re calling it these days. If so, you are in such good shape, you probably don’t need my help, but all the same, here is some unsolicited advice.

  1. Get…

These past two weekends I was working in my new backyard with my wife on a square-foot garden. I bought all the materials, assembled the frame, poured the mix and planted the seeds. It was good to do something analog for a change, but as a user experience designer, the metaphor of the walled garden bot me thinking, especially as neighbors asked how I planned to keep out the rabbits and the deer.

“Well,” I replied to multiple neighbors in separate but identical conversations, “the yard if already fenced in, so I figure that should be okay.” Sounded like a…

Greg Robleto

Product Design and Development Lead at The Motley Fool writing mostly about design and front-end development. Thx for reading.

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